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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Ten years ago today, On April 2, 2003, having discovered the blogosphere, I started this blog. At the time, I had grandiose ideas about attracting a host of readers to my words of wisdom. Little did I know that my little creation would be instantly lost in a sea of such creations - millions if not billions of on line journalist wannabes. I did hear from a few people who came upon this site accidentally - likely searching for something that Google somehow connected with something I had written. But for the most part, I wrote for my own amusement and in some measure to vent my frustration with the world and its inhabitants.

We humans are, I suppose, a work in progress, but from my vantage point we have made very little progress. As I recorded my views of the passing parade over the past ten years, it seemed at times that we were going backwards and the news from here and around the world for the past few weeks confirms that we are once again that stage of human history and perhaps as a good a time as any to turn my efforts in a new direction

This will likely be my last post here and while I may not add anything, apparently what I have written will remain here for any and all to see for ever - or at least as long as the world and the Internet survives. If you have come upon this site by accident, I bid you welcome and hope that you will stay long enough to read a few selections. You might find some amusing, others insightful. And if you want to pen a comment on anything, my e-mail in-box would be gland to convey it to me.