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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Now that the Rod Blagojevich trial is under way, I think it’s appropriate to once again call attention to the truth about Illinois’ former governor. What follows was contained in a post that could have been read here in February of last year by prosecutors, defense lawyers, investigative reporters or Glenn Beck.. but no - not a word of acknowledgment for an answer to a question that mankind has been asking since he first looked up into the sky and marveled at the wonder of the stars.

So here it is again and I offer it as fodder for both the prosecution and defense in the Rod man’s trial - and of course for Beck - though he may consider it too ordinary for his television circus act.

The truth about Blagojevich revealed - again!!

It’s something that I suspected about him - almost from the very beginning - and it wasn’t long before I became certain of who and what he really was. And now it may be that certain "others" have been able to recognize the signs and are going to try to "out" him. You see, Rod and I share the same distant ancestry. We are both descended from aliens. From another planet. The planetIkskobar!!

Don’t ask me where it is. I’m not that certain myself, other than the fact that it's at least a couple of galaxies away. It was, after all, tens of thousands of years ago when the first Ikskobarian colonists arrived on Grixxpkja - that’s what they called earth - and after the first thousand years or so, the families stopped passing on stories of their history to their children. But one thing they did not stop doing - and that is abiding by the first law of Ikskobarian colonization. "Ikskobarians may marry only unto each other. It is strictly forbidden to become betrothed to a native of any colonized planet." It was a law of necessity, born of the tragedies of reckless intermarriage that took place on planets Z$%CC8* and Greecus Nine in the Trocadeera galaxy. As you know, both planets no longer exist, due to the crazed experiments of children born of intermarriage between Ikskobarians and the natives of those two sorrowful colonies.

The Ikskobarians began their colonization of Grixxpkja - excuse me, Earth - in grand style, knowing full well from experience that their presence needed to be hidden from the native population. In all of their colonizations there was always the urge to introduce natives to modern technology - but they long ago learned that that approach led to madness. It was best to let natives proceed at their own pace and to watch them with amusement.

Still, there were occasional slip ups. A couple of them were recorded in the Bible. The "Wheel" that "Ezekial" purportedly saw -"way up in the middle of the air" - was the result of an accidental de-cloaking of an inter-galactic transport bringing some much needed equipment from a way station just beyond Pluto. And the famous "Burning Bush" experience of "Moses" was the result of a communicator dropped by a careless child that laid in the Sun long enough to begin to begin to cryptolize and sure enough the attempts of the child’s father to pinpoint the lost item’s location resulted in the "voice of God" purportedly heard by Moses.

Bud the dead giveaway of forbidden intermarriage - the one that was learned on Z$%CC8* and Greecus Nine long before our arrival on earth, was the emergence of children suffering from piliferousis illegitimatis - the distinctive hair pattern that frightened our imported flocks of egg producing piglets - rendering them virtually useless as a source food production. We couldn’t eat the piglets themselves. That was forbidden by Ikskobarian dietary law - and those eggs they did manage to lay after seeing a piliferousis illegitimatis child, were square shaped, green in color and impossible to digest no matter what method of cooking was selected. And yes, in case you’re wondering, it was extremely painful for those poor piglets to expel square shaped eggs and many of them died in the effort.

It took many centuries after a single intermarriage between an Ikskobarian and a native to produce an offspring bearing the signs of piliferousis illegitimatis - sometimes thousands of years - and indeed it has taken thousands of years for the signs to appear here on earth. It explains almost everything that appeared to be inexplicable about Rod Blagojevich. He carries Ikskobarian blood. He is - as am I - a direct descendant of the original colonists - the difference being that I am descended from a pure line of Ikskobarians with no intermarriage intervening - as witnessed by my almost lack of ANY cranial hirsuteness .

Poor Rod probably doesn’t really understand it himself, but he has no choice in the way he thinks, acts and looks. It is the curse of alien intermarriage at work. He truly believes that he has done nothing wrong - and in pure Ikskobarian culture, that would probably be true. But as a hybrid, he simply doesn’t know how to adapt to the prevailing culture.

So there you have it - Blagojevich revealed and explained. You probably won’t believe it. You probably think this is just a gag - a bit of humorous folderol. But then you probably didn’t believe anything about the movie Men In Black - which was really a documentary financed by anti-Ikskobarian factions. Oh yes, there’s more than one kind of alien living among us and if I can survive the assassination attempts that these comments are sure to provoke - I’ll be revealing a few of them in future commentaries.

Did you really think Dennis Rodman was one of "us?"

So there you have it - a reprise of much of a previous post - excusable because of my temporary (I hope) infirmities - but as current as the original and even more important now that a trial is underway using human instead of Ickskobarian law - a distinct disadvantage to Blagojavich - may his hair survive the ordeal.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

When Helen Thomas made her infamous "Judenrein" remark, I gave some thought to penning a comment, even though my recent carpal tunnel surgery is still making it difficult to punch my keyboard keys for more than a few minutes before it becomes irritatingly annoying. Besides, she was forced out of her Hearst job and there was plenty of instant critical reaction to read or listen to, so there was no compelling need for me to add my thoughts for the few people who check or run across this blog. But then things began to change.

O.K. - I know she didn’t say JEWS should "get out of Palestine" and "go home" as some of her supporters and fellow bigots have been pointing out - but who else could she have been talking about - the small Christian population of Israel? Some coming to her defense stress her long, ground breaking career and many have expressed their feeling that one unfortunate slip of the tongue by someone pushing ninety should be overlooked and shouldn’t be a reason to force her into retirement - which to me is a little like someone convicted of murder asking for it to be overlooked because of a long crime free past. But there are others defending her for a different reason. They agree with her!!

In an article in Haaretz - freelance journalist Sara K Eisen suggests that Thomas was just saying what "everyone" thinks and has just been made a scapegoat. "Everyone" of course is a little over the top, but obviously author Eisen is using hyperbole to make a point. It’s an article well worth reading but it’s some of the reactions to the article and to the hate e-mails sent to the web site of Rabbi Nessen - the man who asked Thomas a simple question and got the response that ended her career - and a letter to the editor that appeared in the Chicago Tribune than prompted me to pen these comments.

The first impression that one gets to some of the reactions found on the above mentioned web sites is that anti-Semitism - the irrational hatred of Jews - is alive and well in the United States - not at the same level as in parts of Europe but at a high enough level to be worrisome. The second impression is that of the appalling ignorance that abounds among so many anti - Semites. Let me first deal with what is represented by the Tribune letter. Unlike the two web sites listed, there is limited space for the Trib’s letters section that they call "Voice of the People - and as I’ve written here in the past,it is entirely possible that some letters which, in a rational world would never be published, find their way into the newspaper because of the beliefs or prejudices of an editor. I’m not saying that’s the case with this particular letter - just that you have to wonder what prompted its selection. It’s a short letter, but I’ll quote just the lines that are relevant to this discussion.
"Her (Thomas’s) offense was criticism of the actions of the government of Israel in intercepting humanitarian relief efforts in international waters.

Do we still have a free press, or is criticism of the policies of Israel now the "third rail" for freedom of the press in the United States?"
I find it astonishing that the Chicago Tribune would publish such a letter. The "Voice" editor surely knew what Thomas said wasn’t what this letter writer said. If she didn’t, she should be reprimanded or moved to another job or maybe fired. But perhaps the letter found its way into the paper because someone at the paper agreed with what the last line implies. That Israel has some sinister control of what goes on in the United States. There are nuts who believe that Israel controls US foreign policy. Could one or more of them be working at the Chicago Tribune?

The "Rabbi Live" site speaks for itself. The Rabbi was at the White House on the occasion of a Jewish Heritage Celebration and asked Thomas if she had any thoughts on Israel. Those thoughts came spilling out, hit the Internet running and induced the outpouring of irrational hatred for people of the Jewish faith or ethnicity. (Not all Jews follow the Jewish faith but they’re all the same to anti-Semites). There are those who will downplay this outpouring - the Rabbi put the number at in excess of 25,000 - but I think it could be the tip of an evil iceberg. In this day and age, with people bringing guns to "political" rallies and Jewish college students being attacked on campus by Palestinian "sympathizers" whose knowledge of Middle East history probably dates back to 2000 - maybe 1999, I don’t think it’s something that should be casually brushed aside as anomalous.

Finally, some of the anti-Semitic responses to Sara Eisen’s article in Haaretz reveal the appalling ignorance of the Jew haters You can read them yourselves if you care to use the link to the article. They cover the usual nonsense that the haters spout about Jews - but one that intrigued me involved comments about Christianity. I’m not sure of the religion of the person who made the comments but I assume that if he was a Christian, he would consider Jesus Christ to be his Lord and Savior - perhaps and perhaps not understanding and acknowledging the fact that Jesus was a Jew who lived and died in the Roman occupied state of Israel. Eisen devoted a few lines in her article to some of the "gifts" Jews have given to the world, among them the theory of relativity, the cure of polio and the very founding of Christianity. This shocked at least one respondent who called that last "gift" the "joke of the day and a pitiful lie."

You have to wonder just how such a person thinks Christianity began and how many like him he represents. Who, I wonder does he think the followers of Jesus were? Who were the disciples? What was their religion? Could they have been Southern Baptists on a pilgrimage to the holy land? Or maybe emissaries from the Vatican. The historical fact that those who accepted Jesus as the long awaited Messiah and spread that belief to the world beyond Israel were fellow Jews - and thus the founders of what became Christianity - seems to be just too much for the haters to accept.

In her Haaretz article, Sara Eisen speaks of Jew hatred as "just the way it is - like a natural law." It might not be quite that bad - but for sure, 65 years after the end of the holocaust, it shows no signs of going away - and incidents like the Helen Thomas gaffe reveal how widespread and deeply ingrained it is - even in the United States where Jews can be found at the highest levels of government and business and education and in the arts and sciences. But then so were they in Germany before madness overtook that nation. I guess the Helen Thomas "Judenrein" comment and the support it evoked from Jew haters can be thought of as a teaching moment - that the madness persists and that the sane among us need to make sure that the inmates can never again gain control of the asylum.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Readers of this blog know that I am a supporter of Israel, though not a blind supporter. Israel makes mistakes and makes wrong moves and I am as comfortable being a critic as I am supporter. I have my own views of the incident that resulted in the deaths of nine "peace activists" trying to break the naval blockade of Gaza - but since I’m not yet ready to do extensive typing - for most of this post, I am deferring to the opinions of others with whom I agree.

First the Chicago Tribune. I was mildly surprised but pleased to open my copy of the June 2 newspaper to find an editorial defending the actions of the Israelis and rather than provide a link to the page which may not be available at some time in the future, I am reproducing the editorial here.
Israeli commandos rappelled from helicopters onto a ship carrying humanitarian supplies to Gaza early Monday, expecting minimal resistance from about 600 pro-Palestinian activists on board. The Israelis badly miscalculated. A melee ended with nine protesters killed. Dozens were wounded, including seven Israeli soldiers. Many countries quickly condemned the Israeli raid, including its closest ally in the Muslim world, Turkey. The more we learn about this incident, though, the more it looks like a setup designed to provoke or embarrass Israel.

Video shows the Israeli commandos were surrounded and attacked as they reached the ship's deck. The Israelis tried to avoid a lethal confrontation. Israeli officials reportedly offered the vessel the same deal that was accepted by at least one previous flotilla — divert to the Israeli port of Ashdod and unload the cargo for inspection. As long as the cargo doesn't contain weaponry, it will be shipped into the Gaza Strip by land.

The leaders of the protest group were intent on breaking the blockade. Max Boot of the Council on Foreign Relations wrote in The Wall Street Journal on Monday that the group has close ties to Hamas and to other terrorist groups, including al-Qaida.

The bloody confrontation has prompted international calls for Israel to abandon its embargo of Gaza. Remember, though, why Israel restricts the flow of goods into Gaza. Hamas, which is backed by Iran, controls Gaza and has used that control to lob missiles into Israel. Hamas has pledged never to recognize the Jewish state. Its goal is to destroy Israel. Hamas leaders refuse to abide by diplomatic agreements reached by Palestinian negotiators with Israel. Hamas won't join Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in indirect peace talks with Israel. Last year, Hamas provoked a three-week war with Israel by firing dozens of rockets in a two-day period. Gazans suffered heavy casualties as Israel retaliated to halt the rocket attacks.

Israel does allow food, medicine, fuel and other staples into Gaza. It is delivering the goods carried by this flotilla. But Israel restricts supplies that can be used to construct rockets, underground bunkers and weapons factories. Hamas would like nothing better than freer borders for arms shipments. Right now it has to smuggle arms via tunnels dug under the border with Egypt. The Egyptians sometimes can be persuaded to look the other way, but Egyptian authorities also crack down from time to time and destroy the tunnels.

This is turning into a diplomatic debacle for Israel. On Monday, Egypt opened its border with Gaza to deflect criticism of its role in the Israeli embargo. That's an invitation for weapons smuggling. More ships are headed into international waters near Gaza, apparently to provoke another confrontation. Pardon us, though, if we don't join the condemnation. Israel has a right to defend itself and a keen interest in preventing arms from reaching Gaza. There's a nasty neighbor in control of that territory, just a short-range rocket away.
The same issue of the Tribune included an op-ed piece by conservative columnist Cal Thomas. There are few issues where I find myself in agreement with Mr. Thomas, including his overall views on Israel, but in this one instance - with the exception of the conclusion he reaches in his op-ed piece - which will be discussed here in the future - he hits the nail dead center on the proverbial head.
Does it strike anyone else as beyond coincidence that within hours of Israel’s commando raid on a flotilla of ships bound for Gaza — ships supposedly containing "humanitarian supplies," and left-wing "peace activists" — that demonstrations broke out in Europe and outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington? And how about the U.N. Security Council, which often acts in slow motion, except when it has the opportunity to criticize Israel. It sprang into action on Memorial Day to listen to haters of the Jewish state denounce Israel as if it already knew who was to blame for the nine civilian deaths and the many wounded. The council has now called for an "impartial" and "transparent" investigation.

Haven't we seen this equivalent of a TV summer rerun before? According to the familiar script, anything that the Palestinian side, Hamas, Iran and numerous other haters of Jews and Christians do is justified because of the Israeli "occupation" of "Palestinian land." When Israeli soldiers defend themselves from violent attacks by these "peace activists," they are always acting "disproportionately" and thus deserving of denunciation, censure and ostracism from the "world community."

If one is known by the company one keeps, then it is useful to consider who was behind this flotilla to Gaza. According to Israeli intelligence, the chief sponsor of the mission was an organization known as IHH, a Turkish humanitarian relief fund with a radical Islamic, anti-Western orientation. Like many other groups, including some that have infiltrated Western countries, IHH does just enough legitimate charitable work to serve as a front for its true agenda.

Israeli intelligence says IHH initiated a number of "humanitarian aid" convoys to anti-U.S. Islamic terrorists in Iraq’s Fallujah Triangle. It cites information from the Danish Institute for International Studies that asserts IHH is connected to al-Qaida and global Islamic terrorism. IHH offices in Istanbul were raided by Turkish security services and IHH activists were arrested. Explosives, weapons, manuals and documents pertaining to Afghanistan were found. According to a French intelligence report, Bulent Yildirim, the president of IHH, recruited "Jihad warriors" and transferred money, firearms and explosives to al-Qaida and other Islamic terrorists in various countries. There's plenty more tying IHH to the Gaza flotilla and to its efforts in support of radicals and terrorist organizations, but you get the picture.

Israel's minister of defense, Ehud Barak, told a news conference a few hours after the flotilla incident, "On one of the six ships, the protesters initiated violence. We express remorse for the injured activists, however, the full responsibility rests on the organizers of the flotilla and those participants who acted violently."

President Barack Obama said it is important to learn "all the facts and circumstances" behind the incident before reaching conclusions. The facts and circumstances are already known. It is a fact that those trying to break Israel's blockade of Gaza hate and wish to destroy Israel. And any circumstance will be created or used to achieve that objective.

We've seen this scenario before and surely will see it again, and again, and again, until the world wakes up to the clash of civilizations too many want to ignore, hoping it will go away. It won't until one civilization crushes the other.
As I’ve already indicated, I don’t buy that conclusion as a solution to the world’s problems, but it’s a premise worth discussing in future posts. And I have to pause here for a moment to take note that for the most part, when it comes to Israel, I find myself in agreement with people whose views on just about anything else I rarely agree with and in disagreement with those that I agree with on most other topics. An example appeared in the June 4 issue of the Chicago Tribune - an op-ed piece by Bill Press who I listen to on the radio, calling the incident "an act of piracy" and revealing appalling ignorance of international law. I’m not sure whether his liberal views would allow him to understand the need and the legality of the blockade, but I will be sending him the needed references that will help him separate fact from fiction - the Geneva Convention, the UN Charter, Article VII, Chapter 42 and the San Remo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea. I am grateful to the Mideast On Target newsletter for these references, whose analysis of what was really behind the "humanitarian flotilla" follows.
The humanitarian aid flotilla was nothing more than a Turkish attempt led by PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan to gain patronage over the Muslim Brotherhood and continue extending his Islamic influence throughout the Middle East. Israel made it clear several times over that all humanitarian aid to Gaza can be shipped through Ashdod and into Gaza under the watchful eyes of the supposed "humanitarian" activists. The reason for the blockade of Gaza is to halt arms, ammunition and other supplies which can be used for military purposes by Hamas against Israel. Instead Erdogan wanted a confrontation to prove his support for the international Muslim Brotherhood.

Erdogan leads the Islamist influenced Justice and Development Party and took office as Prime Minister in March 2003 soundly defeating the secular parties who had ruled Turkey since the Kamalist (Ataturk) revolution of the 1920s establishing the modern Turkish state as a secular entity. In particular he was successful on the domestic economic front but once re-elected he concentrated on foreign affairs, in particular supporting the Hamas (Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood) in all its conflicts with Israel. He gained power as a western style Muslim, but once consolidating support his true Islamic colors and those of his Justice and Development Party have taken command. In the meantime he collected many honorary doctorates and peace awards from foreign organizations as part of his camouflage for his ultimate Islamist agenda.

The Turks are now making their first overt steps to lead the Muslim world, the lightning rod being Israel and the tactic supporting Hamas. Nothing could be more useful than a clash with Israel over "humanitarian aid" where Erdogan has nothing to lose and all to gain. Israel is the up front enemy, symbolizing those with whom he is at odds with in the Muslim world. Previous Turkish administrations had an alliance with Israel; that is no more. Erdogan has moved Turkey closer to Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood in general. His true rivals in the Middle East include the secular regimes of Egypt (Pres. Hosni Mubarak), Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, the pro-western Lebanese PM Said Harriri and in particular the Palestinian Authority Pres. Mahmoud Abbas and his pro-western PM Salam Fayyad.

Erdogan is outwardly supporting Hamas over Fatah. Had he supported the PA and Fatah he would have shipped all the humanitarian equipment to them and had Fatah take the credit for its distribution. Instead he decided on a clash with Israel using his own Turkish Muslim Brotherhood supporters from the IHH (the so-called relief agency with reported ties to Islamic terror organizations) in an effort to undermine those in a state of peace with Israel and the Fatah led PA who presently are attempting to arrive at a two state solution with the Jewish State. Let us not forget that Hamas violently overthrew the Palestinian Authority regime in the Gaza Strip in 2007 resulting in hundreds of dead and injured.

One of the major points made by Prof. Samuel Huntington in his famous book "The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of the World Order" is the constant instability in the Muslim world. Much of this he attributes to the lack of an agreed upon major power leading what he calls the "Islamic resurgence". Already in the 1990s he believed Turkey, as opposed to several other choices, could be the most natural player to take up the challenge, leaving its western leanings and European overtures behind. In the last few years Erdogen is shifting away from both and towards a more "natural" Muslim orientation. Ankara is picking up the gauntlet to lead and abandon the secular Ataturk legacy. The Turks are a major economic and military power in the region with the ability to spread their influence far and wide. The Ottoman Empire held the last seat of the Islamic Caliphate and quite possibly is looking to host the centralized Islamic authority once again in a reinvigorated religious and cultural challenge worldwide. Such a focus would catapult the Turks into a world leadership position.

Using the conflict between Israel and Hamas on the local level and between the national secular Arab regimes and the Muslim Brotherhood in the wider sphere are all part of the same strategy. Western influences are weakened, Islamic loyalties are strengthened and Turkish influence spreads to encompass the Muslim world. Istanbul and Ankara become synonymous with the Islamic resurgence leaving the West and others throughout the world little choice but to engage Erdogen when dealing with any crisis involving Islam or the Muslim world. The Turkish Islamists are proving their credentials in their simple, focused, premeditated clash with Israel. One should not be surprised if a latent antisemitism becomes more manifest and spills out of Turkey, similar to what we see in Egypt, Jordan and much of the Arab world, even those with whom were are not in conflict. The more the Muslim Brotherhood solidifies its grip, the more antisemitism will take hold.

The amount of casualties and the ultimate diplomatic fallout for Israel are not yet known, but for sure in the media war Israel is the big loser. The Turks and their Hamas clients have certainly won the first round. But it must be made clear again that the Hamas – Israel conflict is only being used by Erdogan and the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood.
I don’t know enough about Turkey and its current leadership to say whether I agree or disagree with this Mideast On Target piece written by Elliot Chodoff, but I agree unreservedly with the one central thing that he and the others quoted in this post make clear. This was a political effort to entrap and embarrass the Israelis. The "humanitarian" cargo was secondary. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the venture succeeded among the usual suspects - that is, most of the "world community" - no friends of Israel, but ironically, no friends of the Palestinian Arabs either.