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Friday, November 16, 2012

It wasn’t supposed to be a public forum but you know how it is nowadays. Someone always has a smart phone or some other recording device. I was watching a re-run of "The Truman Show" the other night with various images of the Jim Carey character being transmitted to a world wide audience via cameras as tiny as a button. That’s about the way it is everywhere today. Life isn’t just imitating art. It’s validating it. So there he was, Barack Obama explaining to his big backers why he lost to President Elect Romney.

Those in attendance included the heads of every major U.S. union, agents of the Muslim Brotherhood, George Soros , at least three Black Panthers, Barbara Streisand, Oprah Winfrey and the entire Chicago Bulls Roster. The recording reveals the President telling them that while he was trying to convince voters that his ideas were the ones that would move the country forward and provide for a brighter future, he just wasn’t able to compete against Romney’s promises to give things to people. For example, by promising to eliminate all federal taxes for people with incomes in excess of $500,000, he was able to pull in a lot of rich white males. When he proposed quadrupling the tax deduction for moving companies overseas, he pulled in a lot of very rich white males. When he made his so called joke about their being no doubt about where he was born and nobody asking to see his birth certificate, he gave a poorly disguised nod and a wink to the birthers and pulled in a lot of nutty white people of both sexes.. When he stood smiling to receive the endorsement of Donald Trump, he pulled in a bunch of crazy white people. When he promised to get rid of "Obama Care" on his first day in office, he pulled in a bunch of delusional white people. He was just able to pull together a coalition that was hard to beat.

We tried, the President said, to explain that the kind of entitlement society being proposed by Mr. Romney, could propel us down the road to disaster - with national expenditures going through the roof and revenue falling close to zero. The President said he tried to explain that there was no way that the middle class and the poor could support government all by themselves - but when so many people become dependent and are comfortable being dependent on the government giving them the kind of things that George W Bush started giving them, and with Romney promising to give them more and more of the same - that was a force that was difficult to overcome.

But the most important reason that he was unable to beat Mr. Romney, the President explained to his financial backers, many of whom had donated more than $127.50 on at least four occasions, was mathematics. It was clear going in that 53% of the public were going to support Romney. Most, if not all of them actually paid federal income tax - and a good many of them paid more that 14%!! We knew our only hope was to chip away at that 53%. It was technically possible. After all, if we could just get 3% to come over to our side, we’d be even and if some kind of miracle happened - say something like a devastating storm that caused unbelievable destruction of property and loss of life so that we could look Presidential responding to it, we could well pick up that other point that would put us over the top. Well, as you know, the President continued, the storm did happen and we were able to look Presidential but Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh explained to their vast audiences that we had arranged the whole thing just so we could look Presidential - and there went that three plus one percent.

But the news wasn’t all bad, the President concluded. He had learned his lesson. In order to win the presidency, he had to reach out to rich, white, mostly middle aged males and promise them things!! But, a Black Panther member asked him, isn’t it too late to change campaign tactics after you've already lost the election? Not at all, the President answered with a smile. I’m talking about 2016 when I’ll be running for an interrupted second term. The camera got switched off right after Hillary Clinton fainted and they needed to use the smart phone to call 911.

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