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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You’d think if there was a subject that would persuade me to take a break from my blog sabbatical it would be a news story of major importance but instead it is something simplistically trivial - thus worthy of no more than these few lines. Looking at the last thing I’d written, I note the date was June 15 - a month ago!! Tomorrow I’m having surgery to replace one of my knees and there is a distinct possibility that I’ll be sleeping on the ground floor of our Georgian house for a week or more after I get out of the hospital and may not get to my computer which is on the second floor until NEXT MONTH.

I’ve been blogging away since April of 2003 - and while I’ve slowed down recently, posting comments only a few times a month, I have never let a month go by without having something to say - so these lines are for that single purpose - to keep that record intact.

I’ll be back when I can manage stairs again and I have a backlog of commentary swirling around in the back of my head - bursting to get out. So be patient regular readers. I promise, the wait will be worthwhile.