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Monday, June 15, 2009

Maybe Obama will chime in as I suggested below - but Netanyahu has made it pretty clear that no peace agreement can be reached unless the Palestinian leadership abandons the impossible. I didn’t include a demilitarized entity as a potential self governing neighbor for Israel - but of course it must be. The idea of two sovereign states - with all that implies - in the sliver of land left over after Jordan was created on 80% of the the Palestine Mandate- had some small possibility of success in 1948 - but that depended on mutual good will and a willingness for both sides to recognize and accept the other - the condition that Obama is urging 61 years later - but once the Arabs rejected it out of hand it became the non starter that it has remained ever since.

So what now? The Palestinians won’t even begin to consider the Netanyahu conditions. A one state solution is a non starter for Israel because the Arab birthrate would soon make Jews a minority. A " two in one" state solution that I outlined here many moons ago could turn the area into the envy of the other nations of the Middle East - but it would require that mutual good will and true desire for peace that was absent 61 years ago - and sane leaders on both sides. No "Greater Israel." No "Right of Return." Bill Clinton called Bibi’s speech an "opening play." It’s more like the umpteenth opening play to another season of treading water. I just hope Obama doesn’t wear himself out persuading both sides to reach another "agreement" which will finish up going where all the past agreements have gone - nowhere.

Of course I hope I’m wrong. I’ve been hoping for 61 years. I was a kid when Israel became a state - but yeah - I’m that old. Not too much time left for me to witness the impossible morphing into the possible