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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Liberal talk show hosts are always talking about "Republican talking points" - as though they don’t have any of their own. I have no specific knowledge of a liberal version of a Carl Rove sending out e-mail memos to left leaning radio talk show hosts - although it wouldn’t be in the least bit a time consuming task considering the paucity such individuals on the airwaves. But you have to wonder why practically all of them picked up on the "Paris Hilton Benefit Act" phrase, which authors Michael J. Graetz and Ian Shapiro use to describe the repeal of estate tax in their book on that subject. Maybe it’s just because she’s such an easy target to pounce on and it is a neat phrase - the other version of which is the "Paris Hilton Tax Cut."

But whether or not liberal talk show hosts have organized talking points sent to them, for sure they have their own version of RWRAR’s. (Right wing ranters and ravers for those who haven’t been here before).

Over last week-end and the week-end before, I heard a couple of Air America Hosts that we don’t get during the week on the local daytimer station that carries some Air America programs and other liberal hosts. One was "Lionel" - I suppose he thinks of himself as sufficiently famous to go by only one name. Can’t you just imagine a Las Vegas billboard with "Frank" - "Liza" - "Sammy" and Lionel??? I suppose it would have just about the same effect if you included his full name - which is Michael LeBron. There are numerous links to sites that purport to say something about the man - but I haven’t included them because I didn’t find any descriptions that I would recognize. I find him neither "refreshing" nor "humorous." If you’re interested, just go to google and type in Lionel Show.

The Lionel show that I heard was about the 9/11 tragedy and Lionel’s unequivocal assertion that it was not a terrorist attack - or at the very least, much more than a terrorist attack. Using the same kind of language than the conspiracy theorists have used about the events of that day - the World Trade Center buildings wired to explode from within - Air Force ordered to "stand down" - missile hitting the Pentagon etc., he berated callers who tried to question his nonsensical theories. Those who accepted what most people understood happened on that day were "dangerous" because they didn’t think or question.

It was interesting that he chose that word to insult callers. The 9/11 conspiracy theory has a lot of believers and a great many more who may not buy into a conspiracy but believe there was something more than four hijacked planes. These people may be delusional - or not. But I doubt that they’re dangerous. "Lionel" - on the other hand - depending on the size and make up of his audience - may well be dangerous. There are people who tend to believe that if something is said on the radio, it must have some validity. Rush Limbaugh’s audience tunes him in daily to have their strange beliefs validated - and no matter what outright lies he tells - his followers are likely to believe - and pass the misinformation on.

I’m not saying that Lionel has the power of persuasion of a Limbaugh - just that he is as irresponsible a LWRAR (Left Wing Ranter and Raver) as Limbaugh is RWRAR!!

The other "liberal" host that I heard over last week end was Mike Malloy, who I think has totally lost his marbles. He is a left wing version of Michael Savage, who is about as disgusting a broadcaster as I have ever heard. Malloy likes to refer to the Bushes as the "Bush Crime Family." There is no crime which he would not be willing to accuse the President, his family members and his advisors of committing. And last week-end he came up with a doozy.

Judge Anna Diggs Taylor had ruled that the NSA wire tapping program is not only a violation of the law but is unconstitutional. Malloy was overjoyed at the ruling. It was stopping the "Bush Crime Family" in its tracks. But it wasn’t getting the glaring headlines it should have been getting - and in depth follow up stories. Why? Another story had pushed Judge Taylor’s ruling off of the front pages and the nightly news leads. The ten year old JonBenet Ramsey murder case and the confession of John Mark Karr.

Ands Malloy’s reaction to all of this? A question. How did Rove do it? How did that son-of-a-bitch Carl Rove arrange for the JonBenet story to push the NSA ruling off the front page? I kid you not. According to Malloy, Rove - by himself or through an intermediary, was somehow able to reach over to Thailand and persuade Karr to confess to the murder so that it would overwhelm the NSA story and push it onto the back burner while the justice department flunkies ran into a friendlier court to get a stay on the ruling while they wait to get it overturned.

Rove would have made promises to the troubled young man to convince him that no harm would come to him and that he’d be richly rewarded. All of this in the twisted mind of Mike Malloy - whose mental hand wringing you could almost feel as he agonized over what this evil Rove person had done and the lengths to which he would go to achieve his evil political gains.

So I guess we have crazies working both sides of America’s microphones - even though there are far more working from the right side than from the left. Keep it up guys and gals - and you’ll guarantee that they (the advanced and civilized aliens) will never come.

I’ve found a way to hang on to my sanity while my eyes and ears are exposed to the madness of the world. I’ve put a link to The Universe on my desktop - and I play it at least once every day, waiting joyfully for the last lines.

"And pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere up in space - ‘cos there’s bugger all down here on earth."