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Thursday, July 27, 2006

I was thinking about this this morning.

It’s a good thing for President Bush that US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald doesn’t have authority to investigate anything he wants to in the nation’s capital. If he did - based on what’s happening in Illinois and particularly in Chicago, the indictments would be flying all over the place inside the beltway.

It seems that in Illinois, an elected politician who has the authority to hire people to work for the state or for a city within the state - and hires a friend or supporter simply because he is a friend or supporter - could be in big trouble with the Federal prosecutor. That was part of the case against former governor George Ryan, who awaits sentencing after his guilty verdict - and pretty much the whole case against a former patronage chief for the city of Chicago.

Obviously Federal and State laws are very different. Actions that would march just about any local politician off to the pokey almost before he could cop a plea - is standard operating procedure in Washington - and there’s nothing that anyone can do about it but complain, which of course Democrats have been doing for the last half dozen years. A little cautiously though. I think many of them remember Michael Dukakis and his "This election isn’t about ideology - it’s about competence." And we all remember how well that approach carried him through to his great victory riding atop a tank in a goofy helmet. Of course that was against Bush senior. It may work a lot better in the mid term elections - tying the Republicans to the glaring incompetence of the Bush junior administration.

But just think how much more fun it would be if some of our state laws could be applied to the Federal government. O.K. We couldn’t prosecute people just for getting elected to Congress. Only after we catch them committing the usual batch of crimes that Congress people are wont to commit. But how great it would be if a Fitzgerald type could prosecute those who "hire" the incompetents - just because they have some political clout. Like the FOG’s or FOFOGS. That’s Friends of George or Friends of Friends of George for newcomers to this blog.

How about Joe Allbaugh - who was responsible for the initial hiring of Michael "you’re doing a heck of a job Brownie" Brown? Maybe six months in the hoosegow for Joe.

The thought of what could be done to some of these nitwits who have foisted so many fellow nitwits upon us, warms the cockles of my heart on a day when it continues to be frozen by the barrage of news from the Middle East.

But the crowning glory of a legal right to call those to task who are responsible for the hiring of incompetent friends, supporters and fellow travelers - would be the ability to haul members of Senate Committees before Judges to try to justify their votes to hire the incompetents sent to them for approval by the Chief Incompetent. Boy would I like to see a few Republican Senators trying to defend their approval of Donald Rumsfeld under the withering examination of a Patrick Fitzgerald. Or having to answer for their rubber stamp of Alberto Gonzales. Even Condoleezza Rice. And for sure Michael Chertoff!!

If only the powers that be would take up the many suggestions I have made at this blog site - wouldn’t the world be a better place? But they don’t listen - and that’s one of the main reasons why "they" don’t come.