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Monday, May 08, 2006

I haven’t listened to any of the RWRAR’s (Right Wing Ranters and Ravers) lately, so I can’t be certain that they’re still on Patrick Kennedy’s case - but I would be very surprised if they weren’t. I expect this to become part of their repertoire and - if Patrick stays in Congress as I fully expect he will - last as long as Chappaquiddick

I don’t know why some people think that Ted Kennedy’s youngest son got "special attention" when he crashed his car the other day and seemed to be disoriented - a little bit like someone who might have had imbibed too much booze. Apparently he wasn’t given a breathalyzer test to see if indeed he was blotto but instead was drive home by a police officer.

It seems to me he got appropriate attention. Not just as a Congressman - and members of Congress do get special attention - having their very own police force. But he also got the gold standard of attention following an accident involving an elected official - which was recently established by no less than our illustrious Vice President. There might have been a moment of hesitation by the officers on the scene since Kennedy hadn’t shot anyone in the face - and that, as we know, is the new criterion for not administering a sobriety test to an elected government official. But if they acted on the supposition that Kennedy might have shot someone before he got into his car - or somewhere along the route from his home to House chamber, their conclusion would have to be that he should be given the Cheney treatment.

You won’t hear that point of view from the RWRAR’s. They’re too busy making the point that all drug addicts should be thrown in jail without a trial - other than charter members of their own cabal of course.

You’d Think Israel Had Enough Enemies. But Here Comes Jimmy Carter

Checking the news on Google as I do at least once a day - if I’m in front of my computer that is, I clicked on one of the sites that seemed to be carrying a report of Jimmy Carter’s commentary on the poor Palestinians in Sunday’s International Herald Tribune and found it to be a blog not that unlike mine and apparently about as old. Unlike my blog however, this one is a true child of the blogosphere because it cites millions of "unique visitors" and has all kinds of bells and whistles that are foreign to me and my limited cyberspace and blogosphere knowledge.

But I’m providing this link to the site because it reprints President Carter’s pro-Palestinian and anti everyone else piece, which you can read here or at the wizbang site with includes both the Carter commentary and critical comments with which I find myself pretty much in agreement. I might have worded my disagreements with the Carter viewpoint differently - but wizbang has the right idea and I don’t have that much time to spare today.

Jimmy Carter is a bright man. He’s done some good work in his post Presidency days. I usually enjoy hearing him analyze and give his opinion on complicated topics. A former Congressman, judge and White House Counsel once told me that Carter was the brightest among the Presidents that he’d known - and he’d known quite a few Presidents. But no matter what you may think he achieved at Camp David in 1978, Carter is no friend of Israel as he has made clear over the years and just yesterday with this opinion piece.

Fortunately his sphere of influence in this country is virtually non-existent and as far as Israel is concerned it needs to stay that way.