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Friday, April 14, 2006

If this was a newspaper and I was one of its leading columnists, there would have been an announcement printed here several days ago saying that Jeff Smith is off sick. Or Jeff Smith is on sick leave.

But this is just a commentary blog that sometimes gets used to discuss personal matters - so I don’t need to be that formal. I’ve got a few medical problems that make it hard to sit at the computer and record great thoughts every day. In fact they sometimes make it hard to generate thoughts of any kind.

I know some of the people who read this blog regularly but certainly not all - so the best way to let readers know why there’s a slow down in commentary production is to say here that it’s because of health problems. I don’t post anywhere near as copiously or as often as some who I sometimes think of as blogomaniacs. Not that they’re particularly maniacal - just that they seem to have given their lives over to blogging - with posts every day and all day. Sometimes far into the night. When do these bloggers live??

But I do post often enough to know that people will start to wonder where I am if a few days or - heaven forbid - a week goes by without a blogging new word appearing here.

So now you know why things have been slow - and there’s more than one health problem so they’ve been even slower than they usually are when ill health has me in its evil grasp. But of course any bout of sickness involves the horrors of our healthcare system - which in turn provides blogging fodder, temporarily being stored in my blog reserve silo - to be brought out unto the sunlight of truthful exposure when I’m back among the healthy.

Until then, happy Good Friday and happy Pesach to all our Judeo-Christian friends. And happy - fill in the blanks - to Mormons, Sikhs, Muslims, Buddhists, Zoroastrianists, Taoists and Baha’is. And it’s just another pleasantly warm but otherwise ordinary weekend for Atheists - so watch out for all those previously identified celebrating religionists. Specially on one way streets.