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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Ever since May Day I’ve been waiting to see the headlines in my morning newspaper and to follow the lead story on network news programs - that there was proof that Tony Blair had lied to the British people about the reasons England joined with the United States to invade Iraq. The "proof" came from a secret memo of a Prime Minister’s meeting that took place on July 23, 2002 and it was the basis for a story published in the London Sunday Times on May 1, 2005.

Obviously the story was of interest to the British public, but what is revealed in the memo is also of vital interest to the American public - that the decision to invade Iraq had already been made by the time that July 23, 2002 meeting was held and that support had already been sought from the UK - and this was before Mr. Bush sought authorization for military action from Congress. The memo reveals that the purpose of the proposed invasion was "regime change" rather than deep concern over "weapons of mass destruction."

For reasons that I do not understand, the Times story has been ignored by our media.

Here’s the story as it appeared in the Times - and here’s a more elaborate version of the story by reporter Michael Smith.

And here is the text of a letter to President Bush, signed by 88 members of Congress, asking for an explanation.

Here’s the memo. It seems pretty clear that the President had already made the decision to overthrow Saddam Hussein. And that the decision had nothing to do with the reasons that were presented to the American and British publics.

This is something that I’ve said here more than once and now an official document right out of Ten Downing Street seems to confirm what I had long ago concluded. Bush came into the White House determined to overthrow Saddam Hussein and in the post 9/11 atmosphere, he was able to persuade Congress and the American people that there were legitimate reasons to do so.

That there has been no response from the White House so far can be interpreted in different ways - the most damning of which would be that they’re hoping the story won’t be picked up and will go away. Because if true, it might be interpreted by some as an impeachable offense. You read the material and decide for yourself.