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Monday, August 11, 2008

My wife’s been off for a week - so I’ve been absent from the blogosphere and doing my best to ignore the utter nonsense that the so called news media offers as "news’ - particularly with the continuing flow of garbage emanating from the McCain camp. I’m sure there have been countless bloggers ranting about McCain and taking him to task for some of his more outrageous performances, so any comments I may have added here won’t be missed. But since my off week has been a week of "The Two Senators", one currently serving and one retired, making utter fools of themselves - some comments from what’s all this then are called for. In fact, my blog title has never been more relevant.

I’m not one who believes that 72 is "old" or that 72 is too advanced an age for anyone to become president. But if you’ve been watching John McCain as I have over the past few months, I think you’ll agree that he looks more and more like a doddering, grumpy old man. His nonsensical remarks are piling up - one upon another in rapid succession, making it harder and harder to believe that the man is actually running for president. Last week he was telling the assembled group at the Sturgis Bike Rally in South Dakota that all we need to do to bring gas prices down is to start drilling off shore - an event that would be years away if it ever gets final stamp of approval. Even T.Boone Pickens, he of bankrolling Swiftboaters infamy, says that we can’t drill our way out of our energy troubles. But the bikers applauded that bit of nonsense anyway, so an emboldened* McCain offered his wife as a contestant in the Miss Buffalo Chip beauty contest - his handlers having neglected to advise him that it was a topless and sometime bottomless contest. Or maybe they did advise him and he either forgot or was caught up in the moment and was serious about exposing his wife that way.

By the way, "Buffalo Chip" is a euphemism for "Bison Shit." Way to go John!!

* word borrowed from GWB.

Then there was the new television ad declaring that we’re worse off than we were four years ago. Maybe someone on the inside of the Republican camp is an Obama mole and pushed this one just to expose McCain as a world class flip flopper - or maybe they just don’t believe the Obama camp has transcripts and videos of everything McCain said during the Republican primaries. Such as the January 30, 2008 debate when the following exchange took place between CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Senator McCain:
COOPER: Senator McCain, are Americans better off than they were eight years ago?

MCCAIN: I think you could argue that Americans overall are better off, because we have had a pretty good prosperous time, with low unemployment and low inflation and a lot of good things have happened. A lot of jobs have been created. But let's have some straight talk. Things are tough right now. Americans are uncertain about this housing crisis. Americans are uncertain about the economy, as we see the stock market bounce up and down, but more importantly, the economy particularly in some parts of the country, state of Michigan, Governor Romney and I campaigned, not to my success, I might add, and other parts of the country are probably better off. But I think what we're trying to do to fix this economy is important. We've got to address the housing, subprime housing problem. We need to, obviously, have this package go through the Congress as quickly as possible. We need to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, which I voted for twice to do so. I think we need to eliminate the alternate minimum tax that sits out there and challenges 25 million American families.

COOPER: It sounds like that we're not better off is what you're saying.

MCCAIN: Pardon me?

COOPER: It sounds like you're saying we're not better off.

MCCAIN: I think we are better off overall if you look at the entire eight-year period, when you look at the millions of jobs that have been created, the improvement in the economy, et cetera.
Even in January he was contradicting himself - and accomplishing that feat in a matter of minutes.

A second way to go John.

But I have to reserve my harsher words for the other John. Mr. "Two America’s" - fighting for the middle class John Edwards. Sometimes known as Horny John. Let me say first that I have nothing but contempt for the National Enquirer. The mainstream media is having a field day with the story that this bottom feeding excuse for a newspaper broke. Their "reporters" must have really felt proud of themselves as they poked their heads up out of hotel toilets and sniffed through mail slots. Maybe this was a story while the primaries were ongoing and Edwards had some chance, however slim, of becoming the Democratic presidential candidate. And for sure it would be a story if he was on the short,short list to be picked as VP. But the primaries were over, Edwards was unlikely to run for political office again - so what was the point of forcing Edwards into confessing other than to increase circulation? It’s a private - not a public issue. In the days of JFK reporters knew that and respected Kennedy’s privacy - but apparently there’s no such self restraint in this enlightened era. So no kudos to the Enquirer. But no sympathy to Edwards either.

I would be inclined to be sympathetic towards Edwards if he wasn’t handling his admission in such a contrived, phony way. Can you believe this man? He made a "mistake?" No one but him was responsible? Right. Two of his aids absolutely did not strip off all his clothing and force him to hop into bed with Ms Hunter. And she had no responsibility either. Because he was running for president he became egotistical and narcissistic and so thought he could get away with anything?? What total crap. He was horny. She was available and willing. Maybe he wasn’t getting what he needed at home. In any event, he got laid. He enjoyed it. He continued to get laid until the Enquirer got wind of it and reporters started asking questions at which time he quit.

quad erat demonstrandum.

O.K. Maybe it’s hard for anyone caught with their pants down to say it exactly that way - but at least say something the average man could empathize with. "We were working close together. We both felt an attraction and gave in to the emotion of the moment - and before we knew it we were involved in an affair. It was strictly sexual. There was no thought of leaving my wife who I love dearly -and I plan to spend the rest of my life proving that to her." End of statement.

But then Edwards is a politician - or used to be. I guess once you learn the verbiage and cadence of politicospeak, it’s hard to break the habit.

Way to go John number two!!