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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sometimes I’m almost sorry that I can watch CNN. Reading some of the nonsense that our illustrious elected officials spout isn’t nearly as bad as watching them actually do their spouting.

Thank heaven for the zapper. Its judicious use helps my brain avoid exploding as I become transfixed in disbelief watching the House "debate" the Iraq misadventure as it was doing on Thursday. What a disgusting waste of time and effort - to bring this phony "debate" to the floor of the House. Everyone knows its only purpose is political - Republicans trying to make it look like anyone who criticizes what we’re doing in Iraq is against the "war on terror." Nothing that is said in the House will change anything. They could come out with a unanimous vote to withhold all further funding for Iraq and Bush wouldn’t blink an eye. And if the Senate concurred, he’d attach one of his infamous "signing statements" - which say that the law doesn’t apply to this imperial President.

With zapper in hand, I only watched bits and pieces, but one particular piece of nonsense came to mind as I was sitting at my computer this morning. For the life of me, I can’t remember which Republican congressman it was, but there he was in front of the microphone speaking of his recent visit to Iraq where all the Iraqis that he spoke to, told him that they didn’t want us to leave until they can handle their own security. According to this Congressman, that was their main topic of conversation with him. Not the car bombs. Not the lack of electricity. Not the lines and hours of waiting to get gasoline. No. "They" just don’t want us to leave.

As I sat there watching and listening to this guy, I was asking myself which Iraqis he was talking about. Did he, unlike our President, actually leave the Green Zone and wander the streets of Baghdad, stopping ordinary citizens to ask what was on their minds? I think the answer is pretty clear. These kinds of "visitors to Iraq" never really leave the country, because the Green Zone, where our super embassy is being constructed, is sovereign US territory!!! Pure demagoguery.

Then there was Louie Gomert of Texas praising Congressman John Murtha for his compassion and his service but adding that if he had been in charge of things early in World War ll , we’d all be speaking Japanese now. And later I heard someone call in to a radio show to report that Rove had just given a speech in which he actually called Murtha a coward!!

The whole affair is sickening. If the American voting public buys this kind of Rovian garbage - as they have now for TWO Presidential elections - all I can say is that they will deserve the kind of country into which we are already rapidly evolving - or perhaps I should say de-volving!! The only problem is - the rest of us, who don’t deserve it, will be stuck with it too.

But there is something these guys can do to redeem themselves. Urge their President to take to the road to alert the American people to an impending financial disaster that has been revealed following an intensive secret actuarial study by a special committee of the Departments of Defense and State.

This is a problem far greater than that of Social Security - though it is intimately related to the problems of Social Security.

I speak of funding for the pursuit of war!! The special committee, which has been operating under a cloak of secrecy for more than two years, has projected Federal revenues and known obligations into the future, including the national debt, the interest on the national debt, the size of the deficit and its rate of growth - and have come to the sorrowful conclusion that there will be no money left in the coffers to fund even the most modest of invasions by the year 2021 - even earlier if the Chinese cut us off before then.

They have proposed a drastic series of actions to ward off this impending disaster, not the least among them is the abolition of Social Security by the end of President Bush’s second term. With the projected savings , the committee estimated that we would be able to delay running out of war money for an additional 14 years - until 2035, depending of course on the number and size of invasions that we launch in the intervening years. It has been estimated that any year in which we did not launch any invasions would likely extend the period in which money would be available for future military action. A few quiet years and we could be looking at 2045 or 2050 before we’re forced go out of the war business - again, our Chinese benefactors permitting.

The committee findings have been sealed and as far as I know have not been exposed anywhere other than here. Not in the rag sheets that you can buy at the supermarket check out counters - not at any other blog site. My contact on the inside has sworn me to secrecy - but only as to his/her identity. I am otherwise free to do with the information as I wish - and so I’m reporting it here in the hope that the Rovians will seize the moment and demand that the House and Senate debate what is perhaps the biggest challenge to this nation’s future that has arisen in modern times. I know that the idea of abolishing Social Security by 2008 may not sit that well among voters - particularly since the proposal is to cut only the benefits - not the tax, which will be called the "war on whatever" tax - and that even the most loyal Republican voters might throw their Representatives and Senators to the wolves once the plan is revealed, but if they are true patriots, they will bite the bullet and tell the nation what it needs to hear.

And what is that?

Simply that if we don’t begin to do something now - there will come a time when we will no longer be able to afford the pursuit of WAR. And what then will become of the United States?